Safety Mapping Perth

Commissioned by Gender Equality Perth

With the aim of exploring how women feel about safety in their lives and on the streets of Perth, Scotland, Helen O’Brien and Anna Kelso delivered four workshops with different groups of local women. They invited the participants to discuss feelings of safety and visually depict their experience using the medium of collage and mark-making. Anna then compounded these incredible artworks along with the findings from the discussion to create an artistic response in the form of an animation. The resulting artwork was projected onto the wall of St Paul’s Church and Mill Street in Perth as part of the programme for the 16 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women.

With thanks to Gender Equality Perth, RASAC, Perth Soroptimists, Perth Women’s Collective, Ella, Iman, Caitlin & Carmen, PKC & Alan Farnington.


© Anna Kelso 2020